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The Aziza Ghori Charitable Foundation was established in 2003 to honor the memory of our daughter and only child, Aziza Yasmeen, by whom we were graced for ten short but extraordinary years. It is her radiant and gentle humanity that we seek to honor and share with other children.


Our goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of the neediest children and their communities. This way we can work together to achieve the Foundation's goal of improving the lives of needy children.


Thank you, Amjad

Co-founder & Aziza's Father

Aziza’s Place is the namesake of Aziza Yasmeen Ghori, whose radiant compassion lives on in our community. We share the inspiration of Aziza’s love and joy with everyone who comes to us. 


In 2006, Amjad and Fauzia Ghori visited Cambodia where they witnessed the magnitude of struggle for underprivileged children. There they met Nader Ebrahimi and their friendship led to a vision of opening a grassroots children’s center that would be a sustainable and meaningful change in the lives of Cambodia’s neediest children.  In July 2006, Nader successfully undertook this project for the Aziza Ghori Charitable Foundation and as a professional artist, Nadar created the design of Aziza's Place and ensured vibrant colors were dominant in the home. Our beloved Nader unexpectedly passed away on March 2, 2009, a few short weeks after celebrating the two-year anniversary of Aziza’s Place. This tremendous loss has bound us all in a unique way and made us stronger to continue his enduring vision for Aziza's Place.

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